Are You The Best Kept Secret?

Every Someday Need A Plan.

We’ll help you connect with highly-qualified visitors that are eagerly waiting to hear from you. Discover how you can have visitors excited that you show up, speak and make a big difference, and make a big income.

There’s nothing worse than feeling invisible.

Feeling unnoticed, unwanted, not making a single ripple with your business, all while it seems everyone else is making lots of money and enjoying life.

Especially when you have so much to offer the world. And, you deserve to be known for your expertise and gifts.

I used to be like that. Invisible.

Until I discovered that being endorsed and promoted by others is the best way to get known, get in front of my ideal audience, and get clients.

Discover how to set up a lead generating, customer-nurturing, money making marketing machine… even if you hate selling, are confused by marketing gobbledygook, and clueless about techy stuff.

Accelerate your brand or Personal business approach You as the personality becomes the brand X-Factor!
No Spray and Pray spend 80% of your time working in Zone Genius is a set of activities suited to you. Make selling easier and make people come to buy from you.
Lead-Generating banners have clickable images to collect contact information in your profile on social media and updates when you share your own virtual property.

Answer question in the discussion to keep your name top of mind that when members have a challenge they will think of you.

Member that accept your request to connect, like and follow send drip mail to build relationships and share information that you can make the request to chat to learn how you may be able to help one another complete a project or improve daily tasks.

Share stories to discuss challenges that are common and how you work to find a solution that provided positive results that work and you welcome the opportunity to help improve their results.

Each touch point with your contact offers helpful information and a solution that keeps positioning you as an instant authority that proves why they should ask you for an appointment that allows you to help solve their challenge.

Small business owners are the future and just knowing that you’ll have prospects every month allows you to actually focus on what important: GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

I’m now in a position where I can plan – whereas before everything was very reactionary. I was living day to day, not knowing where the next prospect was, or how the next bill would be paid.

Now, I’ve got enough in the bank where I can confidently forecast that next 6-12 months, expand the business and contract work out. I’m seen as an authoritative figure, where people are turning to me for advice – and not only about my profession but also about how to grow the business.”

In a recent conversation, Martin told us that before we started working together that he was living day to day, with hardly anything in the bank and practically ZERO support from his family, he was even thinking about whether or not he should get a job…

Just because he just wasn’t producing enough business and didn’t know how he would pay the mortgage, and everything else.

You can imagine the type of problems and stress that he was dealing with.

“I think what the system did was give me the confidence to NOT wait until somebody for others to tell me that I’m a leader and a professional. I could wait my whole life before somebody gave me that accolade. I’m gonna take it, but I’ve got to live it, I’ve got to prove it, otherwise, people will see through it quite quickly. So it gave me the confidence to step up and say…

‘Look, I am an expert. I am a professional in my field and I want you to give me the chance to step up and prove it.’

And that’s basically the foundation to the success of my business – that I’ve been granted the confidence of my clients and I’ve been given the opportunity to prove it to them.

I absolutely recommend Following A Proven Success Formula Plus a Selling System that eliminates hard sales as the system is the structural core of our solution. 

And that’s the thing, our sales generation system isn’t just about helping businesses grow, we help people create the lives they want to live.

If you want to learn how a sales generation system can benefit YOUR business as well you can have a seat at our table.

Finally, if you have any questions just step up and let me know.







Want Some Video Cash?

You don’t need Your Own Video, Boost Traffic and Build your List in 3 easy steps.

Hey all,

Before the sun comes up every day, I begin creating Viral Videos, Building your List and Generating Endless Traffic….Just got a WHOLE Lot Easier!

We have already shared with you a few different strategies for how to generate visitors with videos and have gotten some amazing feedback from those of you who were brave enough to implement them.

The other feedback we got was that it wouldn’t work because they hadn’t converted text to video and don’t have the Only Viral Traffic Plugin You’ll Ever Need…

Although I would disagree that there aren’t any videos to borrow (are there not funny videos being viewed in your Niche?), today I am going to share with you a new way to generate visitors with videos that don’t require you to make a single video OR have your own.

I’m talking about using our custom templates, background library and buttons, create a SocialNeos overlay to lock any content you want people to share to get access to.

The beauty of overlay to lock any content is that you already have a large supply of available content – even videos -that SocialNeos locker overlays any with a simple shortcode. Now it’s ready for traffic to hit it and begin the viral process.

And you have motivated Marketers who don’t have any technology or marketing expertise.

That’s where you come in.

Here’s how it works:

1) Find  Funny Videos. You can look on YouTube in your niche, Facebook Marketplace.
2) Contact Marketer that uploaded video and ask if you can create an awesome video overlay for them (for FREE of course).
3) Use the overlay content and their Video as bait for our strategies.

Later this week we are going to share with you a full case-study for how effective this can be.

It will include scripts, numbers and a complete how-to for how we approach and get Funny Video Content to serve as our bait.

The upside to this strategy is two-fold.

We generate leads.

We create a great relationship with Marketers who statistically will have an 82% chance of eventually working with a mentor after their Video generates Visitors, traffic, and sales.

We added value and have set ourselves up as different from the dozens of Marketers who have called them just to use their Video wanting place ads with no offer to help a marketer increase their subscribers or traffic.

You can create a slick custom overlay ‘locker’ that will stop a video from playing until the visitor either click the share button or opts in.

Once they share, the video is posted virally and shared with their friends, leading to more traffic for you and the owner of the video. The app integration captures their registered email address, or you can use the opt-in-form option.

The options for SocialNeos and video can turn any video into a traffic magnet and list building goldmine.

Now I will warn you our strategy is going to be free, but you are going to need some tools to offer your Funny Video Creators.

The first tool you will need is SocialNeos.

Then you will need a great text capture system. Our Free Leads System system comes with one, but there are dozens of text capture systems out there.

Start some ‘seed traffic’ to your SocialNeos locked content and watch as viral growth, list building and social sharing kick in and take it to the next level.

No doubt you’ve heard that old cliche “the money is in the list”.

Well, it’s true. If you have a list of interested prospects or paying customers, you have one of the biggest digital assets an online entrepreneur can have.

The problem is, the old tired ways of building that list are becoming less and less effective. Squeeze pages just don’t cut it anymore.

You need to engage your visitors, provide great content that they will want to share, then reward them for doing so.

Making videos and content go viral is tricky

It’s not easy to set up something that is primed to go viral and get shared though.

Add list building to the mix, and you quickly end up with a slow, clunky process that is not going to get you optimal results.

You could hire someone to set up all the videos, content, share buttons, opt-in forms and everything else you need…..but that’s going to be very expensive, and very time-consuming…don’t worry though…

We are about to make it simple for you

We are about to put viral traffic generation, social sharing and list building firmly in your control, and we will do it one easy to use a plugin that combines all of these in one place.

Want a video to go viral while still building your list? Done.
Want to create a discount coupon people have to share to get? Done
Want to give away a PDF in exchange for a tweet? Done
Want to enter people into a contest? Done

…and how can you do all this and more?

With SocialNeos.



Do You Want to Work Amazon?

Start Earning From Amazon In Just 15 Minutes From Now.

If you’re still struggling to get those first few dollars online, then this could
be the big break you’ve been waiting for…With this proven and simple 3 step system, you can literally start generating totally passive affiliate income from Amazon – in just 15 minutes from right now…

It’s called ShopABot, and when I say simple, I mean it… Here a few things you DON’T have to do once you have a marketing system we created for our members, with the condition that we will support it as well… As always, we’re taking advantage of this trend and we are positioning our members to experience maximum benefits from it.

* You don’t have to sell anything…

You read that right – with this system all you have to do is give away free stuff… your giveaway pages will automatically do all the selling for you!

Most people hate trying to sell stuff…now you’re free of that headache forever! We are talking about a new and growing MOBILE APP, good for iPhone and Android devices, and the time to jump into the action was yesterday…

* You don’t need any technical knowledge…

Don’t worry if you don’t understand HTML, PHP, FTP, or the rest of the alphabet soup of computer programs… Your new Amazon store will be ready as soon as you press go… everything is already working and ready to go online…

* You don’t have to write a single word!

Most other affiliate systems rely on you writing endless blog posts hoping that something will rank.

ShopABot’s simple 3 step system does not rely on SEO or writing at all. No more long, agonizing hours writing or spending huge amounts on unreliable ghostwriters…

* It won’t cost you an arm and a leg… Before you even ask, no we are not talking about one of those apps that “give you points” and make you download a million other things that slow down your phone, and to top that off it takes forever to make a penny with.

Nobody has time for that! And we have created a COMPLETE LEAD GENERATION MARKETING SYSTEM for our members to use, get paid, and build their own list!

With ShopABot you get everything you need – you won’t have to pay for hosting, domains, writers, traffic, advertising etc. What you DO need to do is take action by going to the link below right away.

Like I said earlier, ShopABot is complete and prove 3-step system – you can get started immediately, even if it’s 2AM, and start seeing the cash flow in as soon as 15 minutes from now!

Go to ShopABot now…The time for reading is over, now that you have the background information, and knowledge on WHY this will position you to generate leads for free, plus giving you the ability to get paid for it, simply click Go to ShopABot now to see this marketing funnel in action.

This is the same page that your visitors will see, optimized for mobile devices and ready to go out of the box!

To get a custom page/funnel made for you, enter your name and email on the form, and our friends at ShopABot are already aware we’re hooking up Members with this so they will put you ahead in the queue.

We want the best in your promotional efforts this brand new year … and we are committed to bringing you the latest marketing tips and strategies to really make it
“your year”.

This is a brand new, lightning-fast strategy so as always if you have any questions feel free to contact our support team.

Share your latest gift ideas with us on Pinterest we love to keep up with the latest trend!



You or your competitors?

Less than 60 Minutes to decide…

If you can’t grab visitors attention in the first 5-7 seconds someone lands on your page, making a first impression becomes impossible and your competitor will.

Would this be of value to you? Being able to make an offer when you’re talking to a new client to get them to hire you right away, and…getting lots of initial consults with potential clients simply because you know exactly how to speak to them?

Here’s HOW To Do It! >>

You’re given an unfair advantage over competitors if you get this new school technology and discover what’s the best way to learn how to create an amazing experience that actually SELLS your products and services?

Watch how I do it! I’ve rarely given access to video of the session that generated $1.5 million at one of my biggest events. This bonus is probably the single most critical thing you could have to learn how to create sales from your events.

Remember, it can be a real challenge Siphoning traffic from Social Media, you’ll discover how to convert interested prospects into paying customers simply by what you say.

And there’s still time to get my entire bonus package designed especially to help you maximize your profits using proven model.

Please don’t miss out allowing our team to work for you.

It’s like having a full-time social media expert at your disposal to create stunning ads that will get you more WOWsclicks, engagement, and sales.

That’s what you want right?

It’s either YOU or your competitor who will steal the show and profit.

Get Pinflux Now! >>

This is my most prized Social Media training that will help you create traffic and deliver transformation that will help you make $$ and get clients anytime, anywhere. I have infused principles of Hollywood movies to help your attendees be super excited to attend and make anything you offer practically irresistible.

In this full-day virtual workshop, you will learn my new and innovative social media enrollment system we used to grow our business to consistently produce a million dollars in sales every single year. This has only been shared with a handful of our high-end clients and now you can be a part of the social media revolution. This is a game changer.

This insider resource shows you exactly how to map out each stage of your social media funnel to maximize your sales and income – with the same proven process we’ve used to generate millions in sales from our events. This “done for you” bonus allows you to build a social media sales funnel very simply and effectively for yourself and takes the guesswork out of filling your group.

No Spray and Pray to get 80% of your time working on the “Genius Zone”  a set of activities suited to you that help you concentrate on your acres of diamonds in your backyard, your #1 asset, and your responsibility nurturing your people to deliver their transformation.
Everyone says that you must build your brand that people would like, know and trust that provide your path to earn their business. We feel that is not the only path that delivers the results wanted faster. The battle is won when you deliver a solution that gives results immediately even before your visitor realize it solve their problems.
A creative conversation that discusses why there is a challenge that provides an emotional conclusion with rewards to take action now instead of later position our recommendation to make an irresistible offer that our visitors cannot feel they can leave without having it.
Social Media provides a new channel to distribute conversation to engage with visitor and share context that empower your visitors that they are receiving information that can help take action without the need to feel that there may be something that they’ve missed before making their decision.
When asked to share your information they imply that you are a trusted authority without ever being directly asked. When you provide context that your visitor can engage and share allow you to generate massive traffic without adding any cost to your advertising budget.

When you start speaking with your visitors you build very response content that delivers context that compels your visitor to take action frequently. Now I know that you’ve heard that the money is in the list and that is very true, however, the real source of money is in your ability to drive traffic.

Pinflux – Pinterest marketing software  100% Automated Traffic and Profit Achieved. Sets out massive traffic Generations on 100% Automation. Pinflux automates the growing  Of Pinterest Profile sending traffic to where ever you want to send it. Pinflux was built specifically for the purpose of knowing exactly how to get you traffic from any Niche from Pinterest.
You basically unbox it, Set it up. and watch it go to work for you!



You’ve Got To See This!

Imagine building a team giving away this amazing system for free. We are building team is not something that we do it is all we do.

Can’t afford to buy in all those programs offer that claim that you can be the next dot-com millionaire.  Let us show you how to get the exposure you need and the income you deserve, even if you are on a limited budget, non-technical and don’t feel you can recruit! There is room for you at our table!

“Our Power Is In Our Connection” Attention: Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs the one question you need to answer is who is going to be there when you need help?

  1. Are you tired of joining network marketing companies and not making any money?
  2. Are you in the NFL club (No friends left!)?
  3. Are you exasperated trying to build a team and only a few are doing their part?
  4. Are you done with investing your hard earned money in bad network marketing companies?
  5. How many times have you been left with little or no business support?
  6. If there was a way you could avoid these pitfalls would you take advantage of it and do you think it would make a real difference in your personal finances?

If your answer is yes, please let us introduce you to Entrepreneurs Helping Network Marketers Build their Business.

We have solutions! We are not an MLM or a Network Marketing Company!

The coming together of like-minded individuals through action is what’s needed to see a widespread change in the online industry. Like-minded people have similar opinions, ideas, attitudes, or interests.

The opportunity to mix with hundreds of like-minded people is where many unique features such as Enforced Team Support, which I have never seen before offered by any other team build.

The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that two very important elements are missing: Skills and Hard Work.

Let’s say you wanted to be a doctor and earn a lot of money. Without the proper skills and knowledge, do you think you can become one and make a satisfying income?

Make your team as active as can be! Just Think: ” Have you ever been in a situation, where you have referred a large number of people into a certain program, but your referrals are not doing anything?  I’m sure most of you have. And that is exactly the reason why you can never achieve the millions of dollars listed in the last level of the matrix. 

What ifyou could join a program where the entire team is required to support on a regular basis:

Yes! You did not hear me wrong. I said the ENTIRE TEAM is going to support you.

And the best thing is, these people are getting paid by us to help you and the people you bring in. So the quality of their work, and the effectiveness of their support to you and your referrals can be ensured.

This way, you will finally be able to have a team of active members to generate that million dollars in the final level of the matrix in our own system, and in all of the matrices out there.

To find out more about how to become part of a team build that works for FREE and truly make a difference in 2018 and beyond, please visit accept your personal invitation to gain instant access now!

Remember, for you to earn that millions of dollars in every matrix out there is not for yourself to refer 1000s of people, but to have your referrals refer 2 ~ 5 people on their own that duplicate to help build active downlines!



3 Steps To Unbeatable Traffic

Amazon paid $7.1 Billion to affiliates in 2017. How much of that did you get?

Your Complete Guide To The Most Profitable Marketplace On The Planet!

Month In Month Out…Like Clock Work!

I love finding these new products each day. Check this out.

ShopAbot But are you really happy with where your business is now?

A brand new cloud-based app has just hit the marketplace that guarantees to
help you crush it as an affiliate in 2018.

ShopABot is the easiest and fastest way to start earning a reliable & passive
income from Amazon, starting today.

Do you feel confident your message is clear and presented in a way that naturally draws a loyal tribe of raving fans?
Is your traffic growing?
Never worry about traffic or money again with  ShopAbot Viral Sales System.

ShopAbot is available on 11am on the 15th March we’ll open our doors! We’ll take you by the hand and share the simple 3 step process that will have you receiving regular paychecks direct from themselves!

 Uncover the secret strategy that’s getting people excited about Amazon (again)
  • Find out how to get tons of traffic without having to depend on Google‘s crazy rules!
  • Discover the secrets to choosing the right products to promote for the most income possible!
  • Learn how to get viral traffic without spending a single dime on paid traffic!
  • And much more – all within this special FREE report!

Imagine checking your email and seeing the commission notifications of $50 or even $100 filling up your inbox?

Better yet, what if you could easily setup commission cash machines that do all the heavy lifting for you?

This incredible cloud-based app is more than just another Amazon software. This
is a complete and easy to follow 3-step system guaranteed to earn you unlimited
commissions for Amazon.

ShopABot will build you INSTANT 1-Click SEO-Optimized affiliate stores in seconds
and help you generate hordes of traffic to your new store.

If you have been frustrated by not earning money online yet (or not enough money), you need to check out this a new killer system called ShopAbot.

The methods shown are No Fluff, Hold-You-By-The-Hand Systems that work in today’s market. No frustration and no re-hash here!

By creating your very own passive cash machines, you can finally start earning those $50-$100+ days!

Early Bird pricing is in effect right now, however, I am not sure when the time actually runs out, so make sure you grab your copy now.

 Get your copy right now and join the clever percentage that is saving every day with.

The app automatically adds products, contents, and videos to your stores which will get you sales and make you commissions.

This awesome new app uses secret technology to drive thousands of visitors to your store using the power of viral traffic…

All on complete autopilot.

ShopABot makes becoming an affiliate and earning hordes of commissions as easy as 1-2-3…
Lock In Your Early Bird Discount Now.

As always you are appreciated.

Has Your Work Changed?

As we all know, the world is transforming at a very rapid rate. In fact, it may seem as if those changes are thrown at us faster every day…
Now truth be told:
 A rapidly transforming world offers a lot of great opportunities…
However, many of us rather pay a price for not knowing how to manage its madness. Just think about how a lot of us suffer from things like…
* Sleeplessness… burn-out… depression… anxiety… etc.
* A multitude of physical ailments caused by chronic stress… such as neck and back pain, irritable bowel syndrome,  migraines, and so on…
* Or even the leading causes of death that chronic stress has been linked to… such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, accidents, and suicide.
This is no joke:
It has been said that almost 90% of all visits to primary health care providers are due to stress-related problems!
90% percent!!
** Good Thing That Doesn’t Have To Be Our Reality! ** 
Here’s the truth:
A peek at my Facebook results

Over the course of these post, you’ll hear me talk a LOT about workshops.

No doubt, they’re the most effective way I’ve found to turn looky-loos, into ravenous/raving/committed clients.

But when I first started running workshops over 20 years ago

(In fact, we were still using projectors back then.)

But as technology evolved, so has our process.

These days, you can schedule an online workshop, pack the room to the digital brink, then turn them into paying clients–faster than ever before.

In other words, converting leads this way has become even more measured… immediate… and profitable.

Yet, there are thousands of marketers out there who’ve yet to take this approach.

So, if that’s you…

Let me try to change your mind by sharing just a few stats from our recent FB workshop…

There were no webcams. No live streams. And definitely no Facebook.


– 150 RSVPs, which turned into…

– 55 attendees, which turned into…

– 15 follow-up appointments with the advisor.

Now ask yourself: how much would you pay to land 15 appointments?

Chances are, my proprietary FB workshop method will cost you MUCH less than that figure.

See for yourself…

Just click here, answer a few questions, then book your free strategy session with our in-house Top Marketer coach.

They’ll walk you through our step-by-step process and give you help to launching your first online workshop.