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I wasn’t even a Math teacher, but I am pretty good at Math.

I did it for extra money…

I am sure you feel me on that one, but when I worked extra hours, I only got paid for the hours I worked.

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In 2009 I tried a program by Chris Farrell about building Websites for people.In 2011 I tried Empower NetworkIn 2012 I tried it again. LOL In 2013 I tried MOBE (Online MLM) In 2013 I tried writing articles for Weight Loss and being an affiliate for ClickBank. In Early 2014 I tried Affiliate Marketing, but couldn’t figure out Traffic.

In Middle of 2014 I went crazy on a Private Coach to teach me the ropes.From 2008 to middle of 2014 I earned $0 from all of the above, and spent over $15,000 total on all the trainings. Again, I earned nothing…Maybe the blame is on me, but when I think about it, I actually worked very hard and went through all of these programs more than once.

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