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So today I’m giving you free access training and support that cover practically every way you can cash in with virtually every subject that someone trying to make money online could ever want to know about. With almost 200 reports to choose from, you are sure to find one that your ideal prospect finds compelling.

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For many people, list building is difficult … and expensive. You need a lot of different things to make list building work effectively.

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Welcome To 10 Steps To Freedom
What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?
Is it time for your family?
Is it the freedom to Travel?
Regardless of your definition, Financial Freedom
requires a dream, A goal, Something to strive for
and work for.
Most programs that offer financial freedom, as part
of there marketing ploy, rarely ever get the visitors to
the place that they personally get that feeling “AHA”!
I have the knowledge I need!
Many programs and opportunities today get the visitors
started, but do not finish the job of education.
Knowledge is power.


In this presentation, you will learn how to begin your own path
using a 10 step formula based on three key elements.
We will create our path to financial freedom following 3 Key formula
 to place real value on the money when used as a vehicle that supports
 our goals.
A way to Earn money  Driver
A way to save money Gatekeeper – Guardian
a way to spend money Controller
The money we will discuss as our vehicle to earn, save and spend will be Automation, a very lucrative, exciting wealth creation where you can earn a big commission every day.
Of course, investing your time and efforts requires a commitment to the process.
Anything worth having is worth working for.
Many people would rather pay cash than commit their time and efforts to invest in their future.

If you are not one of those people, read on.

With just an hour of your time every day, and just build a team of only 5 people under you, the possibility of working your way out of debt becomes a reality.
The possibility of time to travel the world becomes a reality. The possibility of retiring well, become a reality.
If you are willing to put in just one-hour of your day any and all of these possibilities, this 10 step guide is for YOU.
Things you will need: Right Now You’re Only 10 Successful Steps Away From Total Financial Freedom. We can boost your recruiting quickly and save you lots of time, money and effort via promoting your guide for you. Start promoting now and we will start driving a steady flow of new and returning people to visit your guide to place 5 to build your team.
You must be willing to learn new tasks, put safe marketing habits into practice, Teach yourself new things, Explore.
Now you are ready to follow 10 step to financial Freedom Guide!
Want to learn how to close more deals via 1 on 1 phone calls? This is the format I’ve used to overcome objections with ease as most are just a smokescreen anyway!
Step 1 Join Udimi purchase solo ads securely from vendors who are reviewed by other solo advertisers so that you can identify the vendors who will likely give you the best results from your purchased clicks.
Now, you can build your wealth step by step without any risk of failure. A very low payment is all you’ll need to get started and YOU DON’T HAVE TO JOIN THE NEXT HIGH-INCOME OPPORTUNITY UNTIL YOU’VE EARNED THE MONEY TO DO SO!.
You’ll never need another money making program …Don’t delay your success any longer
You must recruit 5 serious business builder. The internet is a unique industry. It’s not a hobby. But, you can work it for an hour a day, or two hours a day, or ten hours a day… it’s all up to you. And Mike and I want to teach you exactly what to do, what steps to take, and how to do it. And best of all, there is absolutely no cost for something that will take you from point A to the next quantum level of success.

And the moment you either decline this offer by ‘exiting out or accept this free offer by opting in, you will be at the website I wanted you to see, instantly.

Find 5 people willing to copy your Guardian Core List Builder System send 100 solo ads of your guide squeeze page. It is now your job as the 5th person, the new GUARDIAN of this list, to ensure there are at least forty (40) “THANKS. I HAVE JOINED” replies in your email box.
If there are not at least 40 replies in your inbox, then you, the Guardian, will keep sending out copies of your guardian core system until there is.
This part will require you to complete your tasks as you promote the unique URL link you obtained as you completed registering your account for activation.
Step 2 Sign up for an account All In One Profits.Com where you build a solid monthly income. All-In-One Solution To Achieve Success With a Simple, Realistic, Affordable and Lucrative combination of ESSENTIAL ONLINE TOOLS and UNIQUE PAY PLAN Build, Learn while you Earn 100% commission and UNLIMITED Residual Income REVERSE MULTIPLYING LINES
Step 3. Sign up for an account Cash In On Banners start raking in big commission as you receive $10 instant commission on each signup. Your banners displayed all over the internet as members promote their offer to build their business.
Build a list faster than you can say Rumplestiltskin, and get more advertising exposure than you dreamed possible.
Step 4. Follow the 45 second MLM Recruit formula presented in The Guardian Core Marketing Strategy. You will be able to spend your earning as members get upgraded and fund instantly deposits into your chosen pay processor account.
Step 5. As your earnings increase use 10% to repurchase advertising and scale your business. 60% deposited to invest make your money work as hard as you do. 30% that you have available cash that you can tithes, donate to your favorite charity reward yourself for achievement when reaching a goal that takes you one step closer to your WHY!
Step 6. Look deeply at your business structure and start alining tasks that can be outsourced to give you more time that you can do what is needed faster and spend more time doing what you want to do more of that you start experiencing how life will be as you keep scaling your business.
Step 7 Request your NetSpend Card that you will have access to your fund and you can spend and make purchases without the need of transferring fund from your pay processor account.
Log in to payment account once you receive your card and add your card that you can use your card when you are making purchases and payment will complete pay out to the vendor.
Now here’s where the fun part kicks in!
Step 8
Now when you activate you deposit $40 and NetSpend will add $20 and as other follow this guide and activate their cards you will earn $20 each time every one of your referrals activates their card.
Go downtown pay bills, buy groceries, etc. Go to any ATM and put in your PIN and withdraw use the funds doing whatever you can imagine, it’s yours to do with as you wish.
But We’re not done!
Step 9.
My Traffic Co-Op your referrals display your ads as they are displaying their own but when their referrals upgrade their account you earn and you can earn up to $200 for each referrals Residual Monthly income. look at the FAG to learn all the benefits of having an upgraded account.
Step 10.
Continuing Buying and Selling Solo Ads as per your maintenance 10 Steps Financial Freedom Guide Plan.
Continual using 10% to purchase advertising and keep your business growing
Remember just because the plane has reached the altitude that you don’t turn off the engine.
Continue to invest 60% that your assets grow that you can have a secure future!
Keep your 30% active helping worthy causes reinvest in people that push you to achieve your goals and assist to make the world a better place.

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Listen, I will not take up too much of your time. I am a member of an Elite Traffic-Edge Team that helps build downlines and viral traffic squads all over the world.

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Imagine Yourself being part of an international community where some of the most renowned personal development leaders guide you through a systematic process that will empower you to achieve anything you want in life!

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Following a Proven Success Strategy combined with this phenomenal and unique opportunity has the solutions to most of the problems we see in home-based businesses that make it difficult if not impossible to earn.

These problems are solved with the BEST Features and Benefits that some but not all programs have, especially not altogether in one business!

Focusing on building relationships first is often better than a host of other customer acquisition strategies, but that not even the best part. What is particularly great about joining a community of marketers working for success is the quality of the customers.

That’s not news to you, right? Every savvy marketer knows how a community builds actively engaged members.

A community of marketer dedicated to providing assistance that helps you not encounter challenges by sharing resources that keep your focus on daily action steps to reach your goals faster.

We want our movement system to touch lives globally,  it will be for everyone who is interested in becoming part of a community from which they will receive countless support from all members around the world to provide 100% accountable service.

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Use this SMS Recruiting Tool to explode YOUR business! Non-threatening, Non-Pushy, You don’t have to worry about what to say! ACCOUNTABILITY

There is a huge need in the world for guidance and mentorship! Many people who are studying personal development never receive the right guidance or have someone they can really follow. We have some phenomenal educators, entrepreneurs, coaches in our program that are eager to share their experience and wisdom with you! Through our monthly online coaching calls, you have the ability to interact with your mentors and receive solutions to the things you might be struggling with.

The road to success can be long and arduous or it can be fun and dynamic, it depends on your choices!  We believe that Success is teamwork that`s why when you join our program you will be surrounded by a team of people committed to helping you succeed! Your team will help you develop your plan and strategy for prosperity and support you every step of the way if you`re willing to do the same! This is the value of a Team!

The coming together of like-minded individuals through action is what’s needed to see a widespread change in the online industry.

Like-minded people have similar opinions, ideas, attitudes, or interests…the opportunity to mix with hundreds of like-minded people is the one-stop platform to get like minded internet marketers viewing your web pages day in, day out!

People respond to texts within minutes or even seconds. Compare that with email, when only 30% of emails are even ever read! Using this tool is very duplicable, nonthreatening, you don’t have to worry about saying the right things! How? Just use the