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Pay It Forward Is A True Financial Freedom Lifestyle Creation That No One That Commits To Follow Our proven Process FAILS To Build Their Business With Real Buyers Who Are Commited To Build Any Business From Their Banners Campaigns that brand you as and expert to become familiar with your audience in short, what is the “message” associated with your brand or you as a person and how can you make your messaging stand out and be different?

The answer to that age-old question: how does an Advertiser stay persistent without turning into an aggressive stalker? After all, breaking through initial resistance is a critical advertiser skill. But to actually crush their number, advertisers have to be persistent enough to ultimately engage their prospects, while not being so aggressive that they scare their prospects away.

So how does an adversiter engage and win more prospects? It’s a fine line, Something as simple as how often a prospect sees your name and picture on a banner can be the difference between success and failure.

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a better way was created just for you… One that makes your Image look good and makes you great at consistently elevating your Impact & Income. A way to develop, grow & or rebuild your business that no one can imitate or replicate. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now, but your next level is going to require more. The way to transition from where you are to where you want to be is to become intentional about your image, it’s impact & the income it generates as profit. You also have to be aware of what stage of business you’re in so you can map the next best steps to get to where you want to be.

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Experts agree that it takes from as few as 6 “touches” to as many as 30 before people start to recognize and possibly take interest in what it is you are offering. Touches are defined by their methods of delivery, but for our purposes here, we are going to define it as how often they see YOUR PICTURE, YOUR NAME OR YOUR BRAND.

Familiarity is more than just software – with our Sales Engagement Platform, you get a playbook for team success. Far too often, affiliate marketers promote generic cut and paste ad copy and banners provided by their business opportunity Admins. THE PROBLEM IS… people buy from people and not programs so generic won’t help your offer stand out. Do you yourself a favor by personalizing your ad copy and  put together a banner with your name, picture or brand on it.

Now that people are getting used to seeing you and your brand in the marketplace, what is the message you want associated with your brand? Very few people advertising their business opportunities truly understand the power of branding and what it means to their success. You probably know the few that do and recognize their names and faces because they’ve done so effectively. 

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want better results? you need new capabilities. Unlearning what no longer works makes you clear on what you’re truly capable & what to focus on as you continue to develop. This frees you to learn & implement new strategies, systems & sequences that better fit the direction you wish to take your creative business in. The end result is greater focus, enhanced capabilities & a major upgrade in your productivity & profitability. Building a business on your unique passions, skills & experiences allows you to create anything you set out to at a new level & with a built in customer; a book, a product line, service based biz, membership community, a course or program – anything you desire & you’ll have energy to do it consistently.

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Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving And Never Ever Struggle To Get Serious Marketers Attention To Help You Help Them Build A Freedom Taker Community With Active Advertisers That Spread The Word To Get Others To Recommend YOU As An Expert To Improve Results With A Process and a System That Produces Predictable Results To Build ANY Business Online.

– The business owner that has transformed past the unprofitable “plateau” by focusing on what makes them unique & creates demand in their market.

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– The business owner with solid communication skills that translate in your content & marketing. Marketing that meets your C.O.R.E. people right where they are & drives them into action as clients with you.

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Brands are all about messaging and how familiar your audience is with your brand. In short, what is the “message” associated with your brand or you as a person and how can you make your messaging stand out and be different?

Familiarity is at the “core” of the branding model. Something as simple as how often a prospect sees your name and picture on a banner can be the difference between success and failure.

Now that people are getting used to seeing you and your brand in the marketplace, what is the message you want associated with your brand? Obviously, a banner with a short slogan that captures what you or your business is all about is the best passive way to build your brand.

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